Space week began with a mysterious ‘meteorite’ landing in the Acre Hall grounds. The children were shocked, intrigued and fascinated  as they approached the school grounds and saw what appeared to be a meteorite, that was still smoking. The children’s imaginations were set racing, the spoken language overheard was magnificent with many children having discussions about radioactivity, theorising the origin of the object and debating whether it was a hoax.

The landing sparked a week full of child-led learning, all of which centred around Space and beyond. Every class visited the incident scene, where they engaged in some enquiry-based learning using higher-level thinking skills.

Nursery completed some mark making following their visit to look at the meteorite landing and used creative materials to make pictures of the moon and stars. The children also looked in and discussed non-fiction books about Space. They then set up a child led role play area: the children chose what they needed to tell the story and to make a space rocket They explored materials that are waterproof and would make a better hat for the book’s character .

Year One created their own aliens and described them using cosmic-themed adjectives, they designed spacesuits, created astronaut puppets and were even inspired to continue their learning at home by making their own rockets.

The children in Year Two and Three created and recited their own Space themed poetry. Year Three also ran an experiment to test the pressure and speed of a balloon rocket, discussed the cosmos and beyond in great detail and produced some fantastic home projects.

Year 4/5 created and recorded their own news segments using a green screen, writing engaging scripts that would inform and interest their viewers.

Other children in the SSC and Year Five created their own detailed newspaper reports to record the meteorite landing. Year Five also created Space inspired artwork, researched the difference between a meteor, meteorite and an asteroid and designed/created clay sundials.

Mrs August used the children’s enthusiasm and engagement to create some spectacular Space inspired compositions in all of the school’s music lessons.

The week ended with a class assembly from Miss Thake’s class, that shared some of their learning about Space.

The whole school definitely had an ‘out of this world’ experience during the week and it was absolutely fantastic to see the children have such a buzz of excitement and enthusiasm.

Acre Hall will continue to use Space as a context to enrich and support our curriculum as we apply for the Space Education Quality Mark.

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