Barton Clough became a sponsor led academy and a member of The Dunham Trust in March 2018. 

At Barton Clough we nurture positive relationships. It is at the  heart of all we do. We are committed to teaching the skills and knowledge each child needs to flourish and succeed, with enthusiasm, energy and hope. We value children as individuals and encourage our pupils to have a go and try new things. We aim to build confidence in our pupils and develop a ‘can do’ attitude so that children learn from mistakes and aren’t afraid to get things wrong. 

As a school, we value the support our local community brings and welcome parents and carers in to school on a regular basis. Having strong positive relationships with our parents is important to enable us to provide the very best for our pupils. We work closely with other outside agencies and welcome visitors in to school to develop learning opportunities and experiences. 

Learning is fun at Barton Clough as we aim to teach the required skills of the national curriculum in an engaging and stimulating way. Children are encouraged to explore new ideas and work collaboratively with their peers.  

See Admission Arrangements for Barton Clough.

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