Acre Hall launch class Twitter accounts

Acre Hall Primary School has launched their class twitter accounts this term. Each class will be sharing their latest news and activities from the classroom through twitter and also on their class pages on the website. Follow the classes here: @AHMrsJones@AHMissForlani@AHMiss Breslin@AHMrBrierley@AHMrsAtherton@AHMrsMoore@AHMissRoberts@AHMrsKan@AHMrStevenson@AHMissThake@AHMrsEdwards@AHMissCook@AHMrsGandMrsS @AHMrGillan Here are some of their tweets from the classroom!

An out-of-this-world Space Week

Space week began with a mysterious ‘meteorite’ landing in the Acre Hall grounds. The children were shocked, intrigued and fascinated  as they approached the school grounds and saw what appeared to be a meteorite, that was still smoking. The children’s imaginations were set racing, the spoken language overheard was magnificent Read more…