This year, the School Council have decided to support the North West Air Ambulance (NWAA) as our charity of the year. This followed their surprise landing on our school field during Summer term 2018. The NWAA rely solely on donations, they receive no Government funding and so charity fundraising is vital to allow them to continue their work.

We are aiming to raise £650 over the year through a variety of fundraising events. This is the cost of a scoop stretcher, which is used to transport patients with suspected spinal or neck injuries to hospital, making the journey more comfortable.

Our first event of the year was the NWAA Brew With The Crew. It started with a visit from Paramedic Pup, the NWAA mascot. As you can imagine, there was much excitement and it left everyone looking forward to the cake sale. The day arrived and our School Council had organised a super event, with games, cakes and tea. Our most popular game was Guess the Weight of the Cake, with a delicious chocolate cake as the prize!

It was a very busy afternoon which laughter and fun, and we managed to raise an incredible £240 so we are well on our way to reaching our target of £650 for the year.

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