Latest News – Proposed Trust Merger

The Dunham Trust is delighted to announce that a proposal to merger with Bright Futures Education Trust has been by approved by the Regional School Commissioner Head Teacher Board.  A lot of careful work has been undertaken over the last few months, looking at every aspect of this proposal. This is part of a well planned journey and we are confident that this is the right way forward for all of our schools.

Both parties believe there is a shared educational vision.  Our joint commitments of collaboration and strong relationships, robust governance, professional learning, value for money, supportive, challenging and fair will unite the two organisations:

BFET is a true community with shared responsibility and common core values which create a culture of collaboration, opportunity, respect and innovation.  We inspire excellence and believe in nurturing the abilities of all within our schools and communities.  We empower our young people to build purposeful lives and have the courage and confidence to make a positive contribution to society.  Through excellence in education all of our young people will have a bright future.  Bright Futures values are:

  • Community: We work together for a common purpose acknowledging our diversity through strength,
  • Integrity: We do the right things for the right reasons,
  • Passion; We take responsibility, work hard and have high aspirations.

Our staff and academies will be able to contribute to the strength of BFET, particularly in terms of ensuring that the primary academies are part of a supportive network of schools mainly in a similar locality, sharing core educational and aspirational values, whilst retaining local identity and uniqueness.  Our primary school improvement structure and processes which identify and build upon great educational practice will add significant value to BFET primary academies on its journey to good and outstanding.

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 “I am delighted that the proposed merger has been approved by the Regional Schools Commissioner and that all of our schools will be joining Bright Futures Educational Trust.  This is such an exciting opportunity. 

It is the right thing, at the right time for our schools in The Dunham Trust.  Bright Futures shares our values and ethos and together we will be a strong force for continuing to improve the educational opportunities and high quality teaching and learning that our children deserve.

The opportunities for our staff is also of great importance.  Our staff will be able to contribute to the strength and expertise of the BFET community.  We will be bringing together our supportive network of schools to share core educational and aspirational values whilst retaining local identity and uniqueness.”

Jayne Carmichael, CEO of The Dunham Trust



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