Together we will
Challenge the ordinary
Promote individuality
Be advocates for change

Across our schools we encourage cross-collaboration and the sharing of best practice. We believe that we are able to help our schools and their young people to aspire to, and achieve, success. We are committed to ensuring that every child and young person has a pathway to succeed and that:

  • gives the best possible start in life
  • equips them with creativity, spirit and confidence
  • enables individuals to appreciate life and equip for further learning
  • supports the child in becoming a responsible citizen and contribute to the local community
  • celebrates the individual

The Dunham Trust aims to contribute positively to the self-improving school-led system in education across this locality. We believe in true collaboration; working in partnership, investing in people and building capacity for long term, sustainable success. There is both the expectation and opportunity for collaboration across individual Trust schools.


Purpose and Growth of The Trust

The purpose of The Trust is to maintain good and outstanding schools, and to ensure the rapid improvement of schools which need support now (and in the future); it also acts as a vehicle for the sharing of best practice and the economies of scale to be achieved across the group of academies.

The Trust will act as the lead sponsor for any school that wishes to become an academy and will support them to make improvements required to ensure that they become a good school, or above.

Our Trustees have taken a decision to grow the Trust over time. The Trust plans to grow slowly, sustainably and sensibly in order to ensure that we are able to provide the best support and structure for all our schools.

Robust due diligence processes are important in ensuring that schools that approach us, or schools that we approach, can integrate into The Trust. Due diligence means that the risk is mitigated for all schools in respect of, for example, ethos, finance, land and employment issues.

As The Trust grows, we will look to strengthen the central resource by offering stronger Financial support to schools.