To celebrate the success of our arts activities, we decided that The Dunham Trust Arts Festival needed a separate logo and distinct identity, whilst simultaneously honouring the Trust logo and overarching identity/ ethos of The Dunham Trust.  We wanted our pupils to come up with the concept for the new logo.

We chose to make this a child-led project and tasked the newly appointed Arts Ambassadors at Elmridge Primary  with rolling out this project.

They have:

  • Produced a video explaining the aims and objectives
  • Designed a poster containing all the information required
  • Made boxes for entries

They need you to:

  • Show the video at whole class or K.S. assemblies
  • Distribute the posters at key points around your school
  • Find a suitable place for the entries box

This project may be tackled as a whole class activity or left to individuals who are interested. 

Watch the logo project brief