Acre Hall appoints Art Ambassadors

Acre Hall have recently appointed their art ambassadors. Today they looked at the displays around school and some sketchbooks/work taking place in classes. They were pleased and inspired with all the creativity they could see!

Watch Lime Tree’s creative journey at The Whitworth

The Whitworth teamed up with the University of Manchester’s School of Mathematics to bring new, innovative ways of relating Art and Maths including construct objects, explore pattern finding, measure dimensions and learn how 2D shapes can inform 3D objects in a  masterclass programme that Lime Tree took part in. 

Bird-inspired creative workshop

Pupils who are involved with skyscrapers and others were working individually and in groups, exploring through movement, ideas on the type of bird they want to be. Stimulating creative pieces to be displayed later in July, at the Steppingstonescreative Corezze Arts festival.

Nelson Mandela Tribute

Year five created a Chuck Close inspired portrait of Nelson Mandela, the work followed on from their ‘Black History’ lessons. All squares or parts of squares that needed to be dark were coloured with darker secondary, tertiary or shaded hues (colors mixed with black). The others were coloured bright or Read more…

Arts Logo Project

To celebrate the success of our arts activities, we decided that The Dunham Trust Arts Festival needed a separate logo and distinct identity, whilst simultaneously honouring the Trust logo and overarching identity/ ethos of The Dunham Trust.  We wanted our pupils to come up with the concept for the new Read more…