Children and staff  were very sad to say goodbye to our inspirational Artist in Residence, DD Dewar this term.

DD is leaving the area to spend time with family. She got in touch with us to say: “Thank you so much for your email – it means the world, alongside the thoughts of staff in the Trust.  I appreciate all the Trust has done to enable me to make this transition without pressure or worry. Extend my gratitude to Jo and Heads for their kindness.  Please let the staff know I think of them and more so, the kids in their class”

DD spent time working with staff and pupils in all of our schools, delivering a range of stimulating creative projects. These included sketchbook clubs, producing commissioned work to be displayed at Trafford Hospital to celebrate 75 years of the NHS, Roman artefacts project, wire sculpture birds and exploration of mediums such as foil, foam and oil.  

DD inspired the children to use different media and built their confidence in their artist talents.  

She was also instrumental in supporting Elmridge to achievement their recent British Council International School award, by teaming up with a school in Qatar where the children shared their work around the theme ‘what home means to them’.

DD supported our teaching staff in developing new creative techniques that they will use for further projects with our pupils and made a huge impact on everyone that she worked with.  

We thank DD very much for the time she spent with us and wish her the very best in the future. We hope she will come to visit our schools again!