We were delighted to celebrate and showcase the sporting talents across the schools at our inaugural Dunham Trust Games event, bringing together athletes from across all five of our schools at a spectacular sporting day which took place on Friday 29th June at Longford Park Stadium.

The children worked very hard and competed in two races over the course of the morning before enjoying a picnic lunch with their friends.

Children competed in the 100m, 200m, 400m and relays displaying talent, resilience and team work.  They had an amazing time cheering each other on and meeting the children from other schools – all children showed great sportsmanship.

The races ended with an impromptu staff 50m race, which was won by Acre Hall’s Mr Williams!

“It made you proud when you won the medals because you felt like you had achieved something. You felt really proud of yourself because everyone was cheering”  Lennon (Y6)

I enjoyed it because you got to spend time with your friends and if you were on that podium you felt so proud of yourself” Ciaran (Y6)


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Other sports news

Tri-golf at Elmridge

Year 5 entered the Trafford year 5/6 Tri Golf this half term.  Our A team came second in their tri golf heat.